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The Westwood Farm Schools are located in Tilehurst, West Reading.

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Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils

Friendship Week activities including ‘odd sock’ day

It was 'Friendship Week' this week at Westwood Farm. We started the week by wearing odd socks to celebrate that we are all different but all equal. In assembly, we sang the song 'Choose Respect’; it even included a rap section which we enjoyed. We also discussed what 'choosing respect' means and how we celebrate this at Westwood Farm.  In class, we designed our own socks to celebrate respecting difference - these will go on display soon.

‘Be Kind’ online assemblies

As part of friendship week we have also been looking at our online friendships and how we need to be 'kind online'. We have been thinking about our differences and how the internet is a wonderful place to promote these, but that on occasions other people may not respect our differences and can be unkind to us through comments made over social media and through game chat parties. We have talked about how words can be misinterpreted and have touched on the term cyber bullying.

Most importantly we talked about what to do if things do go wrong, tell a grown up, report the person on the site and if needed block them from your contacts.

Murphy Class Assembly

Murphy class took us all on a journey to ‘London’ on Tuesday! They told us all about the landmarks they had seen, they had also completed some artwork of important buildings. They told the story of The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse from memory, using Talk for Writing. The children had also learnt about Guy Fawkes and showed us their fireworks pictures made from glitter!  They also incorporated the work they had done around Remembrance. It was very impressive that all the children spoke without using any notes! Well done Murphy, a great assembly.

Shakespeare Class Assembly

Year 6 recounted their experience of the residential to Great Wood for us this week. They spoke animatedly and confidently about the adventures they had, including playing hide-and-seek in the forest, grass-sledging, dam building and scaling the climbing wall. They told us some funny stories, which made everyone, giggle – we particularly enjoyed hearing about how some members of staff had wrapped all Mrs. Higgs’ belongings up in cling film as a joke!! The children all had some really special memories of the trip, ranging from being in cabins with their friends to challenging themselves to climb just that bit higher than they thought they would be able to. They recounted the food they had enjoyed and also sang a couple of songs for us – one from the coach journey to Somerset and one they had learnt whilst sitting around the campfire on their last night at Great Wood. It was lovely to hear how much they had gained from this brilliant experience and was lovely to see the rest of the school hearing about what they can look forward to when they are in Year 6!

Children In Need

The children are all looking fabulously spotty today!  Thank you very much for your kind donations, we have raised an amazing £371.19 for Children in Need.

Maths Café

Our popular Maths café will be returning on Wednesday 28th November so please do come along for a cup of tea and a discussion about Maths at Westwood Farm. We will be specifically discussing Table Mountain – how it works, what research says about learning times tables and how to best support your child at home. This will be a refresher or for newer parents to the school so if you came to the Curriculum Evening Miss Hunter ran last year, you won’t need to attend (unless you fancy a cuppa and a reminder!) We will be meeting at 9am – just after drop-off time - in the KS2 staffroom which is in the terrapin adjacent to the Junior School. See you there!

Table Mountain Excitement!

It has been wonderful today during my walking round the schools, to see so many children excited about their progress in this area of learning. From the younger children who are just getting used to this new way of learning, Year 2s who were so delighted to have improved, onto two Year 5 boys who have been so determined all week – seeing Miss Hunter to ask for more strategies to help – eventually reaching the top of Table Mountain and achieving their membership to the prestigious X Club today!!

Y4 Residential Trip Ufton Court

For a couple of years now we have taken the Year 4 children on their first residential trip to Ufton Court.  The children have enjoyed a wide range of activities and staying away from home.  We find it beneficial for the children to have this experience before they go on the longer residential trip in Year 6.  We would like to continue this academic year with a one -night residential trip.  We have provisionally booked the dates of Thursday 6th June to Friday 7th June for a Saxon and Viking adventure.  A letter was sent home this week to enable us to gage interest in this before we make a confirmed booking.  We would be grateful if you could return the slip indicating whether your child would like to attend the trip if it does go ahead. Additional copies of the letter are available from the office. Thank you.

Return to teaching

Please find some fliers with this newsletter explaining the routes into teaching that we hope that some of our parents may be interested in.  If you would like to find out more please come in and have a chat!

Carol Concert – Wednesday 19th December

In partnership with Dan Dwelly and the Tilehurst church that takes place at our school at the weekends, we will be holding an after school, twilight Carol Concert on the penultimate day of school. This will be a school not a church event and will involve the singing of traditional Christmas Carols and refreshments and an end of term celebration.  We do hope you will be able to join us – more details to follow.

Staff Netball Match

The staff have been keenly practising their netball skills each week after school on a Thursday and today (Friday) after school we will be having our first ‘friendly’ match against Birch Copse.  We are all very competitive, but so are they so we hope it will be a well-matched and fun event!  We will let you know how it goes!

Thank you as always for your support.