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                                                                                  10th July 2020


Dear Parents and Carers 

It is hard to believe we are now planning for the last week of the year - this term and a half being longer than any other in history in all our lives! I will save my deep thoughts and philosophising till next week (!), as this week we are still thinking of all the practicalities to come for next term.

We have amended the half day starts that I spoke about last week due to the difficulties and confusion it would cause in changing the bubble arrangements twice in a short time. Therefore we have split the classes in half - Group A will come in all day Wednesday 2nd September and then Friday 4th and Group B will come in Thursday 3rd September and Friday 4th - this will make things simpler but also give the children a chance to return a little more 'gently' with some space and time to adjust and ask questions. This information will come to you next week via parentmail along with a powerpoint about your child’s new class. If your child is due to start FS1/Nursery or FS2/Reception you will be sent separate guidance.  FS1/Nursery pupils returning to Carle Class in September will re-commence their normal sessions from Wednesday 2nd September.

I won't go into detail now about the curriculum we have planned for September but I can reassure you it will not be based on loads of testing, nor will it be too fast or too slow. We have based it around teachers assessing children during the lessons in a very informal way and then picking up quickly where a short intervention or revision may be needed.  We have lots of staff who will be delivering these interventions, which will not be designed to withdraw children from class for very long - they may be short, immediate reminders or slightly longer support sessions following analysis and reflection.   We are also looking at some in and out of school 1-1 and small group tutoring.

We will if course give you detailed information on this when we return - I just thought it useful to give you a flavour if what is to come.  Initially of course we will be focused on building relationships, getting to know each other again and reassurance - all still within the boundaries of social distancing and precaution.

There will be some things we will still be unable to do - we will not be able to have any parents driving and parking on site, other than the Nursery parents. If you have previously had a permit from us you will no longer be able to use this.

There will be no parents allowed on site for meetings etc so we will be talking to you on the phone or by Zoom or Teams if necessary. 

There will be no clubs initially but Go Beanies will be resuming on Friday 4th with new rules They have worked closely with us to ensure their Risk Assessments tie in with ours, but Wrap Around Care does have more relaxed rules from the Government than schools do.

There will be no assemblies or singing practice and children will be sitting in rows facing the front of the class (apart from in Foundation Stage).

BUT.... there WILL BE...... smiles, laughter, care, friendship, love, understanding, excitement, learning, encouragement, compliments, feedback, patience, fun.... and hand-washing, of course - we have created a whole new generation of young people with cleaner hands than ever before!!!

AND there will also be ......... NO HOME SCHOOLING (apart from a bit of homework which will now be so easy for you to support!!)

Have a lovely weekend - I will try and get to see some of you at the gates next week if I can!

Thank you as always and particularly over these times, for your unending support.

Mrs H

Please see below some reminders;


Bags2School Collection – Monday 13th July. 

 Bags to be dropped off to Lippincote Court Car Park RG316TB (between Tilehurst station and Peugeot garage) by 9.30am. Bags can only be dropped off Monday morning. Bags MUST not be left at school.


Lunch orders

Lunch orders will need to be made via your Parentmail account next term to ensure your child has a school meal - menus will be released during the holidays and also posted on our School Website.  The price of a school meal will now be £2.40 - this is a 5p increase which is unfortunate but necessary.



Please find attached the BB4K Newsletter


Tapestry Account

Please don’t forget that you have from 9am Monday 13th July to 4pm on Friday 17th July to download your child’s Tapestry Account.  This is only for FS2 pupils and FS1 pupils who are not moving onto FS2 in September.