Westwood Farm School

History Curriculum

History at Westwood Farm

History Lead: Miss Ritchie

At Westwood Farm Primary School, we aspire for our children to be responsible learners by being curious about the past and understand how it shapes our future. We understand the impact that History can make on our children and on their understanding of the present as well as the past. We are committed to enabling them to develop a deep understanding of the chronology of British history and make links between time periods.

Within History lessons, children will develop their knowledge of key figures and events in both British and global history. Alongside this, children will hone their enquiry skills through exploring artefacts, investigating historical records and sequencing events. To help our children understand abstract ideas (such as empire, trade or invasion), we aim to 'use appropriately challenging vocabulary, explicitly teach the concepts and use them regularly in context'. (Blog: Tim Jenner HMI).

Throughout the year, classes engage in exciting trips to bring their classroom learning to life and further develop their historical skills. Annual history-based trips include: Windsor Castle, Reading Museum and Ufton Court.