Westwood Farm School

Music Curriculum

Music at Westwood Farm

 Music Leads: Mrs Miriam Fullbrook & Miss Gabi Balogh


Every child is a Musician 

We love music! Every child at Westwood Farm is given the opportunity to be a creative and capable musician. We believe in supporting the children and giving them challenge which enables them to grow in ability and confidence. Music is one of the things that binds the school ever closer, creating a strong and solid community of children and adults who can work together, live together and sing together. 

Whole Class Music Lessons 

During whole class lessons children are given the opportunity to listen to a variety of music and understand how music has developed throughout history. These lessons contain singing, playing instruments, composing, listening to and analysing music, and finding ways to develop their ability to write down and notate musical ideas. All children have weekly singing assemblies where we sing a wide range of old and new songs from around the world, and in a range of styles. 


Our Key Stage Two choir is led by Miss Balogh, our Music Lead. Our choir has represented the school by performing for our local community as we strongly believe in the importance of being active members of the community. Also, we have participated in events such as the West Berkshire Junior Music Festival at the Anvil (working together with Berkshire Maestro music specialists). 

Private Lessons 

In collaboration with Berkshire Maestros and other private agencies, we offer the children opportunities to learn a particular musical instrument through private tuition. This includes: piano, singing, guitar, ukulele, brass instruments and many more! 

Music Mark

As a recognition of the value we place on music, our school has been nominated by the local Music Hub, the Berkshire Maestros, to become a Music Mark School.


 Westwood Farm Schools Music Mark Certificate