Westwood Farm School

MFL Curriculum

Modern Foreign Languages at Westwood Farm

Languages Leads: Mrs. Beth Martin & Mrs. Geraldine Kent

 Here at Westwood Farm we believe that learning languages helps to build bridges across different cultures and helps children to develop their understanding of the wider world. We also see language learning as a chance to give children new and exciting challenges.

 We want to celebrate the languages and cultures within our school community. According to the British Council, “Language learning is vital for the UK’s future prosperity and global standing”, as languages play an important role in the country’s trade, culture, diplomacy and national security. Learning a foreign language is such a valuable skill. Learning a language helps children to develop their cognitive and multi-tasking skills, memory, and also aids their understanding of the English language through comparisons of grammar, conjugations and sentence structure.

 It is statutory for children in KS2 to be taught a language. We have chosen to teach French in KS2 at Westwood Farm and our classes receive weekly French lessons. Through our Cornerstone topic lessons and themed days, we also promote languages and the exploration of new cultures across KS1 and Foundation Stage. In KS2 French lessons we teach from a scheme of work called ‘Cave Languages’. The scheme introduces French sounds using phonics and builds up to learning single words and sentences. Lessons include listening work, games, reading and writing.

French continues to be one of the most widely learnt languages here in the UK and it is one of the top 5 languages in terms of the number of web pages written in that language on the internet….a test for its endurance into the future!