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Maths at Westwood Farm

Maths Lead: Mrs Catherine Wakeham (KS1) & Mrs Sally Aluko (KS2)


White Rose Maths - Progression towards ARE in written calculation

White Rose Maths - Multiplication and Division calculation policy - July 2022

White Rose Maths - addition subtraction calculation Policy - July 2022


At Westwood Farm Schools, we follow the National Curriculum for Mathematics. We believe it is an essential life skill and our wish is that all children enjoy maths and become confident mathematicians who thrive on challenge.

The main strands in the programme of study for mathematics are number, measure, geometry and statistics. We follow the White Rose Maths small steps to plan the teaching and learning journey, focusing on three key principles: becoming fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics (quick recall of number facts and application of knowledge), reasoning mathematically (justify, generalise and explain why) and problem solving.

In doing this, we deepen children’s knowledge and understanding of mathematics. Our teaching and learning strategies are underpinned by the concrete pictorial and abstract teaching approach.


We use White Rose as a teaching tool. This allows children to make small steps to move through the following aspects of mathematical thinking:

Fluency - having number sense, understanding how numbers relate to each other, seeing how numbers can be split and put together in different ways and having knowledge of number facts and efficient methods to calculate. 

Problem Solving - drawing on problem solving skills such as working systematically, trial and improvement, logical reasoning and spotting and exploring patterns. Problems often have multiple solutions.

Reasoning - thinking through mathematical problems logically and systematically and involves using and applying their mathematical knowledge to explain or justify a solution.


Alongside the White Rose sequence, the CPA approach is a highly effective in supporting children to develop a deep and sustainable understanding of maths.


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