Westwood Farm School

Geography Curriculum

Geography at Westwood Farm

Geography Lead: Mrs Linda Hern (FS2/KS1) & Mrs Jenny Baker (KS2)

At Westwood Farm Schools, we aspire for our children to be responsible learners and have self-belief in their skills and ability to reach their goals.

Children will have the opportunity to undertake research projects, develop their map reading skills and learn about the impact we have on the world around us. In Years 2 and 5, children will undertake an enquiry project exploring the local area and focus on Overdown Road. 

We continue to look for new opportunities for pupils to make meaningful connections with others in our community and in the wider world. 

We strive to make our children think as geographers by teaching them: 

  • Locational knowledge 
  • Place knowledge 
  • Human and physical geography 
  • Geographical skills and fieldwork 

To help further develop their geographical skills, children will be able to bring their classroom learning to life by engaging in exciting activities such as: visits to Henley Rowing Museum; using our local area such as trips to Sulham Forest and local allotments and a talk by someone who has visited the Antarctic.  


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