Westwood Farm School

Disadvantaged Children's Charter

We believe that all children should have equal access to an excellent learning experience and that no child should be disadvantaged educationally, despite any disadvantages in their circumstances. We know that some disadvantaged learners may need greater support to achieve their full potential. There is a strong culture of equity within our school community. Our schools believe that we all need to understand and have empathy for a child’s individual circumstance, to know how to support them effectively to access an excellent education.


Westwood Farm Schools community pledge to pursue our vision through these following key areas;

Pupil Premium Lead

  • to champion our disadvantaged learners in all areas
  • to engage the parents and offer friendly support when and where appropriate
  • to monitor and evaluate our Pupil Premium spend and use it in ways known to be most effective (based on internal and external research)
  • to ensure assessment is used effectively to identify priority children or groups
  • to help ensure the fundamental building blocks of learning are in place, such as good attendance and positive behaviour, and understand that these are vital to raising standards.

Teachers and School Staff

  • for all staff to know who our disadvantaged learners are, and to provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities
  • to provide our disadvantaged learners with positive daily interactions
  • ensure our ethos reinforces aspiration and attainment for all

have consistently high expectations for all our pupils and support children to develop this within themselves.


  • are actively committed to the schools’ Pupil Premium strategy and demonstrate this in all actions
  • are able to discuss and consult on this agenda with the PPL and Pupil Premium Governor.

Governors Including the Pupil Premium Governor

  • are committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for disadvantaged learners
  • understand their schools’ context with regard to disadvantaged learners
  • support the Pupil Premium Governor to work closely with the PPL to ensure the best possible outcomes for disadvantaged learners.

Parents, Carers, and the Wider Community

  • benefit from strategies that engage them to help with their child’s learning
  • are supported by strong relationships within the school and community
  • benefit from good communication from the school so that they are aware of all relevant funding and support offered.

“… limits should not be set on what learners can achieve, in spite of, or because of their circumstances.”

Marc Rowland, An updated practical guide to the Pupil Premium.