Westwood Farm School

Governor Profiles

Photo Statement

Geraldine Ross - Headteacher

Ex-Officio Staff Governor

 I am the Headteacher at Westwood Farm and I am very proud of our schools. I have worked at Westwood Farm since 2013 and seen many changes over that time. In September 2021 I took over the running of both schools with the retirement of our Executive Headteacher. Prior to that, I have worked in West Berkshire schools since 2007. Originally from Cheshire, as a family we relocated to Basingstoke, and I began a career change from a financial background to teaching.  


Barry Tucker - Co-opted Governor

(appointed by GB)

Chair of Governing Board



Term of Office:

24.01.2023-23.01.2027 - 4 years

(2nd term of office)

Committee: FGB/FRP

Subjects: Safeguarding


I have worked for Children Services in Reading for 11 years, in various roles but predominantly supporting vulnerable children and families. I feel this gives me a unique insight into what it takes to create positive outcomes for children and one that I remain passionate about. Along with having a Youth and Community degree, I am also currently a student nearing completion of my Social Work studies and a volunteer coach for my son’s Rugby team. Apart from feeling a sense of pride in helping others, I feel I am in a position to contribute more to my community by transferring these skills into being a parent governor.

Not only do I feel well placed to take on this role, I appreciate that being a parent governor is a job not to be taken lightly and I intend to give it the commitment it deserves including being open to new learning opportunities and being motivated to help overcome any challenges.

 I would consider my strengths, as being supportive, thinking creatively, and having a passion to make a difference, all of which I see as valuable elements of the role. I have also attended many meetings with my work and am experienced in helping to find solutions to complex issues. Being part of the debate is a real privilege and one that I would be honoured in doing. Above all, I see the parent governor role as an opportunity to share parents’ voices and help them to get the best out of their child’s education.

 Since my son started at Westwood Farm Schools two years ago I have always been keen to be an active member of the school community by volunteering for trips and sitting on the parent council. My involvement with the parent council will help me significantly to understand the various aspects of the school and what is expected to maintain high standards.

Mike Starnes - Parent Governor

(appointed by parents)

Vice Chair

Term of office:

23.11.2022-22.11.2026 (4 years)

Committees: FGB/FRP

Subjects: History, Geography, Data, IT


As a parent of two students at Westwood Farm – one in infants and one in her final year of Juniors – I've always been impressed by the school's dedication to student wellbeing and educational progress. My girls are thriving here, and it's been wonderful to see.

As a new member of the governing board, I'm eager to contribute positively, providing support and thoughtful input to decisions that enhance the school experience for everyone and benefit our wider community.

In my professional life, I currently serve as the Director of a specialist technology business, with a background in managing small to medium-sized enterprises in this sector. My role involves setting our commercial strategy and ensuring our business plan comes to fruition, which means I spend most of my time working with, presenting to or coaching people.  

When I'm not at work, I'm enjoying time with my kids, staying active, indulging my love for sports (both as a spectator and occasional player), and listening to live music.  Now that my playing days are (mostly) behind me, I also coach a local Youth football team. 


Becky Bartholomew - Staff Gov

(appointed by staff)


 Term of Office:

06.09.2023-05.09.2027 (4 Years)

(2nd term of Office)

Committee: FGB

Subjects: RE & Early Years

 I am a teacher in Year 1 and I have been at Westwood Farm since 2016, joining as a Foundation Stage teacher. I firmly believe that the experience children have at school paves the way for their future, so I am keen to support that in any way I can.

I have two grown up boys and two teenage step daughters – diplomacy and negotiation are two well-honed skills that I have and I also like to think I keep the children at the heart of what I am trying to do, both on a day-to-day basis and for longer set challenges and tasks.

I find being a Staff Governor a rewarding role, it helps broaden my understanding of our education system as a whole and allows me to bring a different viewpoint to the discussion table.


Katharine Moore - Co-Opted Governor

(appointed by GB)



Term of Office:

26.11.2022-25.11.2026 (4 years) 

(2nd term of office)

Parent Gov

Committee: FGB & FRP

Subjects: Maths, Inclusion, PPG, HRB, Attendance

I have two children at Westwood Farm Schools – one in the infants and one in the juniors. My experience of the federated schools since my first child started in 2015 has been very positive.  I am really keen to support the school and its progress and would do my best in the role of parent governor to do this.


In my work life I am a clinical psychologist.  I qualified in 2008, and I have worked in various posts in the NHS including in child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), and more recently in an early intervention mental health service for adolescents and adults. I am responsible for managing and developing the provision of psychology within my service, as well as offering psychological help to people who use the service. 


The opportunity for children to fulfil their potential not just academically, but also socially and emotionally is so important for their well-being.  There are many aspects of the governing board’s role and decision making that may directly or indirectly influence this.  I would hope to bring my perspective as a parent as well as relevant experience from my professional role to the governing board discussions and decision making, with the aim of working together to do the best for everyone at the school.

Baqir Rizvi - Co-opted Governor

(appointed by GB)




Term of Office:

07.11.2021-06.11.2025 (4 Years)

Committee: FGB/FRP

I have been on the governing board at Westwood Farm Federated Schools since November 2017 as a co-opted governer. I am mostly involved in the Finance Committee where I use my professional experience to challenge ourselves to get the most value for our school. It has been a really rewarding task and I have learnt so much about the world of primary education and how education funding works.

I am a qualified chartered accountant by profession, with a degree in accounting. I work for one of the Big4 auditing firms as a senior manager and that enables me to leverage my knowledge and experience in the real world.


Gary Treen - Co-opted Governor

(appointed by GB)



Term of Office:

30.01.2024-29.01.2027 (4 Years)

(second term of office)

Committee: FGB & FRP

Chair of FRP Committee


Having lived in Reading since 2001, I settled in the local area in 2014.  I have two daughters across both schools, who have thrived in the Westwood Farm environment.  I'm keen to use my Financial and IT knowledge to help continue improving the Federation and the local community wherever I can.


I'm a CGMA qualified Chartered Accountant, working as a Finance Transformation Manager in the Telecoms industry.  My role involves understanding complex Accounting problems and designing solutions that can be understood by non-technical employees.


Previously, I spend 10 years working for RM Education plc in Abingdon.  My time as the Accounts Payable Manager (amongst other roles) allowed me to get an excellent understanding of the Education sector, working closely with Suppliers, LEA's and Schools.

LA Governor

(position vacant)


Wendy Binstead - Co-opted Governor (appointed by GB)



Term of office:

01.02.2023-31.01.2027 (4 Years)

Committee: FGB/FRP

Subjects: English, Science, Art, PSHE.

I am a mum of two boys, aged 6 and 3 and I have lived in Reading for 20 years with the last 10 of those being in Tilehurst.  I am a co-opted governor though my eldest son is currently in the infants at Westwood Farm.  


I have worked in buying and merchandising for my entire career and I’m currently the general manager for the French and UK Baby store at Amazon.  The role consists of leading the strategy for the Baby department in UK and France, and leading the team of buyers in both those countries.  I am responsible for delivering the P&L for this department across both countries, in terms of both revenue and profit.  I believe my role brings many skills that will be useful to the governing role, including P&L management, negotiation skills, and various HR expertise, including training, people development, diversity, mental health and well-being.  


I want to make a positive difference to the lives of all the children at the school, and believe that I have many skills to offer that would benefit the school, which I have learned over my time in my career.  I also think it’s a great opportunity for me to learn new skills and contribute positively to the school and wider Tilehurst community.

Lee Cham Wan- Co-opted Governor

(appointed by GB)




Term of Office: 01.02.2024-31.1.2027

 (4 Years)

Committee: FGB



 I was born in Hong Kong and lived in HK for more than 60 years. My family and I have relocated to UK in 2021 and have been settled in Reading for three years. I am a Christian and were baptized in HK in 1998. I have two daughters who graduated in UK and are now working full time in London.


I graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist College in 1983 with the Diploma in Accounting and received a Master degree in Information Technology from the UK Coventry Polytechnic in 1988. I was a fellow member of the Association of Certified Accountants and was retired from the membership in 2020. Prior to my retirement, I worked as a finance director and chief financial officer in a HK listed company. In addition to that,  I was also working in International Christian School (HK) for 10 years as the Finance & Administration Director.

Dr. Andrew Kirk -

Parent Governor 

(appointed by parents)




Term of office: 27.11.2023-26.11.2027 (4 years)

Committee: FGB



Jamie De Oliveira - Co-opted Governor

(appointed by GB)



Term of office: 01.02.2023-31.01.2027 (4 years)

Committee: FGB

Subjects: PE

 A dad of two, both former pupils of Westwood Farm, I felt compelled to get involved and give something back. One daughter is now an adult who works in an SEND setting, whilst the other volunteers at a local riding school. Both girls have been set up for life in many ways, and this in part, is thanks to Westwood Farm and its staff.


Being married to a Teacher has given me much exposure to Education (previously SEND and now Mainstream), with its demands and expectations but also the facts and realisations. I join the school with a strong interest in SEND due to my own personal experiences, but I am still keen to learn and then aim to make a positive difference in some way.


My work life is spent in a Quality and Compliance lead industry, working for an Medical Technology company. I operate within the Service Quality Assurance function, specifically in the Medical Infusion Business Unit. Our products are used in health institutions all across the world and I am proud to be part of that, knowing that doing my job right, directly helps save children and adult lives on a daily basis in places like the NHS.


I firmly believe, and will strive to ensure, that every child matters and has a right to their own form of education.  

Dawn Finn - Clerk to the GB



I was appointed Clerk to the Governing Board in September 2010.  During my time at 'The Farm', there have been many significant changes, including Federation of both Westwood Farm Infant and Junior Schools and three Ofsted inspections.


I also work in the school office as PA to Geraldine Ross, our Headteacher.


Prior to working at Westwood Farm Schools, I was a PA at Foster Wheeler, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Company in Reading for 15 Years.  I have three children; my eldest son is a Royal Marine, youngest son is a Year 4 Teacher and my daughter is in her 2nd year at University studying Marketing.

I am also the owner of a First Aid Training Company and teach Paediatric First Aid Courses in settings around West Berkshire in my spare time.

I also actively play netball every week for a local league.