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Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils,


This week the highlight of my week was the Governors in to School Day on Tuesday. This was a positive day – hard work to prepare for, but so worthwhile.  I have previously mentioned that seeing our schools through the eyes of our governors, who are our ‘critical friends’ is extremely rewarding. As school leaders, and teachers we are most used to looking at what we need to do next and how we can improve, but when governors are in school we are able to reflect on what we have done and how successful those things have been, and how we can get even better.

Our two new parent governors joined us for their first governor day; they had a training session to catch them up on what other governors have been working on within the school and then they joined leaders in the classrooms and talking to some of the children.  The Q&A session with the children is always the most rewarding part – our children are very good at telling us how it is, what they have learned and what they think needs to be improved.  We asked them about their learning and about being responsible for their own learning. They spoke about their motivation and how they can improve, as well as how the adults help them and give them feedback on their learning.  We also covered areas such as keeping safe and good and bad relationships – they were thoughtful, sensible and mature, and of course they made me extremely proud!

The day also made me feel very lucky to have such a wonderful team of staff to work with and fantastic governors, who are committed and caring; all of them are very busy people, yet they take time out of their work to help us lead the school.  They are supportive as well as challenging and are great at asking key, important questions.  A big thank you, governors!

Yoimoji Assemblies – Curious

With the help of Gloop and Flyon yoimojis, the children have been discussing whether they are curious about their learning. Do they ask questions? Do they challenge themselves?  Our children are very good when it comes to talking about their learning and they understood that being curious could enhance their understanding and further their knowledge of the topics they are working on. They have been encouraged to ask you lots of questions so be prepared at home too! 

Rosen Class Assembly

Rosen class and Miss Pruszewicz had the privilege of doing their class assembly on Governors Day this week – this was our first activity – to see the school in action with a class of children showing their learning!  They were confident, spoke clearly and told us all about the Ancient Greeks and their other learning this term.  The three highlights were Emily (who has only been with us for a very short time) introducing her first class assembly in a clear and confident way, like she had always been at Westwood Farm! Also Theo telling the parents to stack their chairs (he has clearly heard me asking this so many times now!!) and lastly, watching our Chair of Governors sat at the back, along with many parents ‘bobbing’ along to the Bob Marley song we had at the start of the assembly!  I thought it was just me singing and dancing but others couldn’t help themselves!  What a great way to start the day; ‘Don’t Worry About a Thing’!  Well done Rosen class!

Naidoo Class Assembly

During their class assembly, Naidoo class put poor old Goldilocks on trial! The judge was especially scary!  They did so in a very clever way, managing to weave into the trial all the learning they had been doing during their recent topic. They explained the different layers of the ocean and what each layer was called. The children displayed the drawings they had done of fish which had very detailed shading to add tone. They did a lively demonstration of how to play dodgeball and Layla had also choreographed a brilliant dance to Jai Ho! They also included the PSHE work they had been doing and discussed white lies – Mrs Ross was not so keen on that bit as it mentioned her new coat! At the end of it all they found Goldilocks guilty as charged and she was unceremoniously taken away! Well done Naidoo class!

Liddington Residential parent meeting

Thank you to those parents and carers who joined us for the first meeting about our future Year 6 residential trip to PGL in Liddington. We gave a brief outline of the centre and the activities that the children could take part in. The PowerPoint presentation is now on our website (in the Newsletter section) for those of you who were unable to make the meeting. Please can we remind you that the non-refundable deposit is due in by Friday 5th April. There will be a further meeting before the trip when we will issue kit lists etc – this is likely to be before we break up for the summer.

Green Park Challenge and Sponsorship Money for FOWFS

A massive THANK YOU to all the amazing children and adults who joined us last Sunday to run the Green Park Challenge. Despite the very early morning wakeup call it was fabulous to be greeted by so many friendly Westwood Farm faces ahead of the challenge in their Green Park Challenge T-shirts!! The weather was perfect for running and from the smiles on all the children (and adults) faces we are sure that everyone had a great time! As this is the first year we have organised a team to run in this event, we were over the moon to run with (or in Mrs Higgs case behind!) 33 Westwood Farm School children and their amazing families who were part of such a strong team! We are looking forward to entering a School Challenge Team again in 2020!!

A special shout out to Spencer Stevens and Isla Starnes who were the first boy and girl over the finish line for our school! 

A massive well done to the following children who took part on Sunday: Remington Stevens, Saffron Kumar, Isla Starnes, Austin Cannell, Bella Mann, Alfie Bucksey, Olivia Holland, Avik Pandith, Holly Moore, Elijah Beisly, Isla Pollington, Harvey Tucker, Grace Pollington, Levi Clark, Ellie Josey, Jessica Thompson, Eli Moore, Zachary Willcox, Ava Boyd, Spencer Stevens, Albie Mabbett, Taiyo Smith, William Pollington, Erica Ash, George Sherman, Dexter Gower, Caitlyn Boyd, Anna Thompson, Olivia Sherman, Phoebe Mabbett, Freya Bucksey, Joseph Harrison and Lacee Cannell.

As many of our families took this opportunity to support the school and raise money for FOWFS please can you return any sponsorship money in a named envelope by Friday 29th March 2019.

If anyone has any photos from Sunday please email them to the school office as we have set up a folder on the website for the all the photos to be shared.


Red Nose Day Update

Thank you for all your support with the Red Nose Days last week. The school council has contributed ideas how we could celebrate.  The children really enjoyed coming to school in their pyjamas.  Mrs Hunter, Mrs Ross and Mr Abery were very good sports.  We played the Pie Face game with a twist in assembly.  They all had to answer questions, and if they got it wrong then they had to turn the dial.  Mrs Ross found the tension and anticipation of the squirty cream quite stressful. 

We also announced the winners of the joke competition:

Rosie (FS2), Lucas (Yr 2), Arun (Yr 2), Adam (Yr 2), Ashton (Yr3), Zachary (Yr3), Molly (Yr3), Lucas F(Yr4), Megan (Yr5), Lauren (Yr5) and Lucie (Yr6)

Whilst having some fun and being silly, we also remembered the reasons why we were raising money and thought about how lucky we are.

Altogether we raised £176.25 in Key Stage 1 and £237.53 in Key Stage 2.

Well done to everyone who entered the joke competition and thank you for all your support. 

Year 1 trip to Marwell Zoo

Year one are going to the zoo tomorrow, Miss Wakeham was singing all day on Wednesday and on Thursday we did.

Luckily for us the sun was shining and the animals were out to play. We saw waddling penguins, charging rhinos and very tall giraffes. We explored life among the trees and saw cheeky squirrel monkeys stealing each other’s dinner and braved the humid heat of the tropical rain forests where we could just see a very lazy sloth hanging upside down in a tree.

The children were extremely excited, but made us proud by their wonderful behaviour and curiosity about all the animals they saw.

Although when asked what their favourite part of the day was most of them said lunch!

Year 4 Tag Rugby tournament at Crossfields School

On Thursday our year 4 boys rugby team went to Crossfields for a tag rugby tournament. Our passing and catching was super - Mr Hunter would be proud! We scored loads of tries with a special mention to Ashley who scored 5 tries in the last game and was given a special London Irish t-shirt from their scouts. We had a great time and can't wait for the next tournament!


We are really pleased to announce that sponsorship for the Skip2BFit event held during Healthy Week has raised a total of £979.75 which is amazing!  The sponsorship money will be split 50:50 between Cancer Research Fund and FOWFS.

Easter Egg Competition

We will be launching an Easter Egg Competition next Friday 29th March.  Watch out for more details!!!

Thank you as always for your support.

Barbara Hunter

Executive Headteacher Westwood Farm Schools