Westwood Farm School

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils 


It was so nice to get everyone together after two years of no gatherings for Sports Day! Some parents were really keen, so they arrived pretty early to get the best spot for their viewing. The cheerleaders kicked the day off with chanting Olympic values and performing an impressive pyramid! It was a very hot and sunny day but we all managed to keep hydrated and well fed thanks to our FOWFS refreshment stand. All the children competed with so much enthusiasm and enjoyment, it was so lovely to see. They were also very supportive of each other and encouraged each other during competitive activities and races. The Y6 pupils were fantastic helpers and they led the FS and KS1 children well with their activities. Thank you for your courtesy and supporting your children at safe distance. Finally, finishing with the ladies and gentlemen's races at the end. Lots of competitive spirit at any age! Our warm congratulations go to 'Earth' house for winning overall with 3116 points. I would like to thank Miss Phillipps and Mrs Fullbrook for all their hard work organising the event. Yesterday was our transition day, where all the children met their new teachers. Some of you may have noticed that we have some new staff joining us in September, which obviously means we have some staff leaving us! Mrs Savill will be leaving us to work closer to her home, Mrs Fullbrook is starting a new career as an Interpreter. Mr Pocock is also leaving to work closer to his home in Swindon. We will say a formal goodbye to them at the end of term. Joining us in FS2 will be Mrs Chester and Miss Peters will be teaching in year 5. I know you will make them feel welcome when you get the chance to meet them.

Mrs Ross and all the Westwood Farm Staff