Westwood Farm School

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils,

Today, Years 1-6 joined together for assembly as we were celebrating Harvest. Dan from Christchurch Tilehurst came to speak to the children and explain what would happen to all the very kind donations we have received. The Year 6 School Council representatives did a very good job of displaying all the items that had been donated. We are very grateful to all of you who kindly left donations, it really does make a difference.



RAAC Survey

Nest Friday 6th October, some contractors will be in school to carry out a more intrusive survey to check for any RAAC in our walls and ceilings. This will cause a little disruption, as the children cannot be in the room when the work is carried out. Therefore, we will have a rolling programme going around the school, and the children will go outside, if the weather is fine, or share a book in the halls, whilst the contractors are in their classrooms. I am assured that they will only need about 10 minutes in each class!

Nursery and FS2 Outside Area

Please can we ask that you do not let your children play with the equipment that is set out outside nursery or the FS2 classes, before school. This has been set up to enhance the provision for the children as part of their learning.


I have been informed of some very inconsiderate parking on double yellow lines. The way the car was parked obscured the view of anyone trying to cross the road. Please be aware that some Year 6 children walk to school on their own. They would not have been able to see over the car or around it, to know when it was safe to cross. We really don’t want any accidents, so please think before parking.    

Thank you as always for your support,

Mrs Ross and all the Westwood Farm Staff