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Greatwood Day 4 - Thursday 9th June

On our penultimate day we have been based at Greatwood but have been busy all day, and still have the camp fire to come. The children have been doing the activities they didn't get to do on Tuesday; team challenges, duck racing, dam building, archery and night line. Mrs Aluko, Mrs Kirk, Mrs Allwood and Miss Harrison enjoyed the night line the most as they got to encourage the wild squirrels to throw mud at the children and ensure the children got thoroughly muddy and wet. Miss Exworth enjoyed the opportunity to test out the children's waterproof clothing during the duck races, and the children enjoyed reciprocating. Mrs Wall and Mrs Cook enjoyed puzzling out the difference between a cube and a cuboid during the team challenges. Unfortunately we have drizzle now, for the first time, but it hasn't dampened their spirits or stopped the game of football. 

Greatwood Day 3 - Wednesday 8th June

We woke to beautiful sunshine this morning, that then turned to rain and then back again to sunshine, so the weather has been keeping us on our toes today! Wednesday was our day to go to Kilve Court. We headed off on the coach about 9:30 and arrived back at our camp tonight at 5:00, so it's been another fun packed day. At Kilve Court the children took part in 4 different activities, climbing wall, crate stacking, grass sledging and a trip to the beach for rock pooling and fossil hunting. They all challenged themselves and had a great time. This evening after dinner, we set off on a woodland walk to look at the surrounding countryside and gather wood for the campfire tomorrow. 

Greatwood Day 2 - Tuesday 7th June 2022

Today was another exciting day at Greatwood, we have had sunshine and only a few light showers. It has been a busy day of activities on site including low ropes, a duck race, dam building and team challenges. The children have really enjoyed all the activities but playing in the river and getting wet seems to have been a firm favourite. We have had our first cabin inspection today with the winning cabin surprising us all. The children are currently playing on the open space while waiting for their next delicious meal. Tonight, they will take part in a game of Jumblies before hopefully another calm night and maybe not as early a start tomorrow!

Monday 6th June 2022

So far we have been lucky with the weather and the journey, we arrived at Greatwood by 12:15 after an uneventful journey. After arriving the children were told their cabins and went to set their beds up, putting on their pillowcases was an olympic event for some! After lunch we hiked up the hill, behind the camp. We split into two groups, the first group set the trail for the other group to follow. We then played a game of hide and seek in the forest at the top of the hill, we did return with as many children as we took up the hill, I am sure you will all be pleased to know! Once we arrived back in camp the children had a break with squash and birthday cake, after singing happy birthday to our birthday girl. We have all eaten well, maybe some of the adults might have had too much crumble, but everyone seemed to enjoy the food. The children are currently playing on the field outside the cabins before having their general knowledge tested in a quiz.  We have everything crossed for a peaceful night after tiring them all out today.