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May 2023

Greatwood Day 4 - Thursday 25th May 2023

We set off for Kilve Court on another glorious sunny morning. We had a jam-packed day ahead of us. The children had four activities to complete during the day.
At first, some of the children were afraid of the high ropes, but we were so proud of how they all attempted it, and some exceeded their own expectations. A few even managed to climb up with a blindfold on! 
We found lots of fossils on the beach and some children collected some rocks which they are taking home with them. Grass sledging was hard going in the warm weather, as they had to drag their sledges uphill each time.
We ended the evening with games and stories around the campfire. The children are looking forward to being reunited with their families. That goes for the teachers too!

Greatwood Day 3 - Wednesday 24th May 2023

Today was spent around the site in the beautiful sunshine. The children got a chance to do what they didn't do yesterday. The Night Line seemed the most popular, possibly because it is the one where they get the most dirty!
The first official cabin inspection happened this afternoon, they all managed to pass the inspection. So no excuses when they get home, they can keep their bedrooms tidy!

Tomorrow we will all be travelling to Kilve Court for the day. We will be grass sledging, climbing and using the high ropes and visiting the beach looking for fossils. 

Greatwood Day 2 - Tuesday 23rd M ay 2023

After a fairly quite night last night, we have had a fun, but busy day of activities today. After a great choice at breakfast this morning, we began our first set of group activities. These included shelter building, where we hiked up hill to the woods and forgaed for materials to make our shelters. The bit the children didn't know was that they would be tested to see if they were rain proof, with them inside, and they weren't!
Another group were blindfolded, whilst walking in the stream, unfortunately for them, this was made difficult due to a group of teachers deciding to bombard them with mud and water, great fun, but very messy!!!!. Together with these activities we also had archery, team challenges and low ropes and duck racing to contend with.
We have just returned from our night walk ready for hot chocolate and then bed, ready to do it all again tomorrow!  

Greatwood Day 1 - Monday 22nd May 2023

After a safe journey, which went without a hitch. We started our visit with a long walk in the Quantocks, after taking quite a while to unpack. The children enjoyed the walk, and we are hoping it has exhausted them but currently they are still going strong! 

They all ate very well at dinner but were slightly horrified that they had to clean up after!