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Catchment area for Westwood Farm Schools and Nursery Class

Please follow the link below to see our Catchment area for Westwood Farm Schools and Nursery Class

Catchment area for Westwood Farm Schools

Admissions to Nursery (FS1 Carle Class)

We follow the West Berkshire Council Nursery Admissions Policy.  Please see link below.

Nursery Admissions Criteria 2023


Please check here to see if you are eligible for 30hrs funding


If you would like more details or to request a Nursery Registration form, please email: NurseryWFS@westwoodfarmschools.w-berks.sch.uk or call 01189 426113.

Please find below details about our Nursery Class

We have a lovely, happy confident class of children in our Nursery class (Carle Class) and we pride ourselves on ensuring that children are settled quickly and are happy and confident during their time with us.

What do we learn in Nursery?

Progression Map - FS1 Nursery - 2022-2023

What Do We Want To Be Able Do When We Leave Nursery That Is Unique To Westwood Farm and Us?

To use scissors independently

To recognise our name in print

To write some of the letters of our name

To follow instructions to plant seeds (and then care for growing plants)

To successfully use the balance resources with control

To retell a familiar story

To know the words of and sing a repertoire of traditional nursery rhymes

To put on and fasten our coats

Please click below to see a copy of our latest Nursery Video

We are able to admit children whose parents are eligible to claim 30 hours funding with a range of sessions throughout the day to accommodate your needs.

We are also able to admit children whose parents who are not eligible for this funding - please see below for information on our fees.

Morning session

8.45 am—11.45am

Lunch club session

11.45 am—12.15pm

Afternoon session

12.15 pm—3.15pm


If you are not eligible for the 30 hour funding and would like to book sessions above the 15 hour universal entitlement the prices are as follows:

1 x 3 hour morning session £16

1 x 3 hour afternoon session £16

1 x lunch club session £2
(no charge for Lunch Club if your child attends both morning and afternoon sessions on a single day).

“Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.” –  Abraham Maslow

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” - O. Fred Donaldson

Play underpins all we do in Carle class this is because it is fundamental to all aspects of a child’s development and learning. Our children have access to a wonderful indoor and outdoor provision, giving them different environments to explore and discover the world around them. Here they learn to practise new skills, take risks, make friends, explore their imagination and problem solve.

The children will be assigned a key group where they will practise skills such as communication and language, fine motor and name writing, phonics and mathematics. These groups are led by one of the teaching assistants, under the guidance and planning of the class teacher. The children will also be taught in daily whole class groups by the class teacher.


















If you would like more information about eligibility for 30 hours, payments and our admission process please contact our Nursery Administrator on 0118 942 6113  who will be happy to assist.