Westwood Farm School

School Organisation

Designed to be flexible and sustainable, Westwood Farm is organised into Key Stage Teams and a friendly and secure environment is created for all pupils.

Key Stage

Pupil Age 

Year Group

Class Names (Authors Theme)

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

3 – 4 years old

Foundation 1


4 – 5 years old

Foundation 2

Donaldson and Milne

Lower Key Stage 1

5 – 6 years old

Year 1

Ahlberg and Tomlinson

Upper Key Stage 1

6 – 7 years old

Year 2

Murphy and Simon

Lower Key Stage 2

7 – 9 years old

Years 3 and 4

Dahl and Rosen (Yr 3)

Naidoo and Lin (Yr 4)

Upper Key Stage 2

9 – 11 years old

Years 5 and 6

Pullman and Morpurgo   (Yr 5)

Shakespeare and Asare   (Yr 6)

The Key Stages all occupy quite distinct areas of the schools.

Each Key Stage in the school works as a team. Each year group has two mixed ability classes.  We hold meetings for parents when their children change from one year group/class to another so that we can explain the organisation in detail and provide other useful information.