Westwood Farm School

Vision and Values

Working together, Learning together, Growing together

At Westwood Farm Schools, the children are at the heart of everything we do.

Our whole school community is a place where everyone is respected, encouraged and treated equally and where positive relationships with all stakeholders are key.

We believe that all children will be able to achieve academic, social and emotional success by the provision of excellent teaching and learning.

We are committed to our school being a safe and inclusive place for all children, where learning is nurtured and encouraged in a caring and engaging environment.

 Our Aims:

  • We all work to ensure our federation of schools is a happy place in the heart of the wider community where good behaviour, achievement and effort are celebrated.

  • With the provision of excellent teaching and learning, all children will be able to achieve their full potential academically, creatively, socially and emotionally.

  • We ensure that learning provides challenge and promotes independence in thought and action and that all children enjoy their educational journey.

  • High standards of behaviour and behaviour for learning are expected to ensure all children use every opportunity they can to learn.

  • All children take responsibility and make decisions about their learning, their development and their behaviour and are equipped to make their own choices in order to live a healthy and emotionally well-balanced life.

  • We foster and encourage self-confidence, self-belief and independence both socially and academically and inspire children to participate without fear of failure.

  • Every child will access a stimulating, challenging, inspiring, creative and relevant curriculum that enables them to develop a love for learning in a caring environment.

  • Parents and carers feel proud of their children’s successes and these are celebrated and shared to allow the learning journey to continue at home.

Our Values