Westwood Farm School

School Council

School Council Representatives 2021-2022


School Council 2022-2023

Westwood Farm Schools Council consists of two representatives from each class from Year 1 to Year 6 initially. FS2 representatives join the School Council from the Spring Term once they have settled into school.

The school values the children’s voices and they are encouraged to share their opinions and ideas through the School Council.

Each Autumn the School Council representatives are elected and the children participate in the democratic process, including nominating and voting.  The representatives are elected for the academic year.

The representatives are tasked with collecting their class's thoughts about different aspects of school life and also have the opportunity to raise other issues that they would like the School Council to consider.

School governors have interviewed the School Council to see how their voice is heard within school and their thoughts about the school.

Recent decisions have included the values of the school and the school motto.  The school council also reported back their class’s ideas for Red Nose Day.